torsdag 25 oktober 2012

book of hours

Idag skissar jag till julutställningen. Temat är Illuminare och jag har fastnat för Illuminationer och särskillt från The Book of Hours, en medeltida bönbok. Dator, skrivare, akvarellpennor och papper är mina redskap i kampen om att hitta rätt. 

 "The Book of Hours was a prayer book for the laity that developed in late medieval Europe and that was used for private devotion. These works were often personalized for individual patrons and illuminated with miniature paintings depicting the life of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and individual saints. The text included a calendar of liturgical feast days and a series of prayers to be recited eight times a day, according to established practice. By the early Renaissance period the popularity of the Book of Hours demonstrated the growing interest of the laity in speaking directly with God and the saints, rather than exclusively through the church and the ordained clergy. " Källa:

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